Monthly Archives: October 2016

Of pouches and bags

I spent last week seeing doctors. I had a tomography done and all needed to see it. I saw the oncologist first, no worries, see my previous post. The next day, I had a bad night with diarrhea, and I saw where it was leading, so around six am, my wife was already driving me to the ER. A doctor, a nurse and a paramedic said hi to me with the attitude of someone that finds an old friend. I always say I’m a frequent customer, but this time they did know me!

I spent two nights in the hospital and my ER gastroenterologist saw me. He gave me different drugs looking to fix my ongoing issues with diarrhea and loss of fluids and electrolytes and I left on Thursday. 

On Friday I went to my first gastroenterologist, the one that diagnosed me, the one that has cared for me longer, and casually also the teacher of my ER gastroenterologist. We spoke about a lot of things: he would go and see the tomography with the radiologists, as they are the experts, he found it strange that the report didn’t say any explanation for my situation had been found and he discussed adhesions and a permanent ileostomy. 

So, that is what I have been thinking. I have a J-Pouch, but for nearly two years it has performed very poorly. Back when I had the ileostomy, life was so much better. Could it be like that if I went back to the ileostomy?

Today I had a bad day I spent lying in bed without doing a thing. This is way too much. The uncertainty of not knowing when it will be the next time I will land in the ER is ridiculously evil. I’m really considering the permanent ileostomy. I will be discussing with my doctors and carefully taking the steps. I think that’s what will end my problems. My lifestyle has become very severely limited. I used to be in better shape with the bag. I’m very restricted at work, very thankful for having been given the chance to work from home, but this is not the way things were intended for the long term. With the bag, as it was before, I’m sure I could start visiting local customers and handling more activity. 

I’m going to be exploring the idea carefully, but I think it will end up being the solution. The pouch idea is good, but it didn’t quite work for me. The bag doesn’t scare me, it’s rather an old friend. I think the time for me has come to recover my life. I will be working on this.