Monthly Archives: October 2015

I’m well…

This has been a tough year. I had my takedown surgery last November, and I’ve been in recovery ever since. I got married in late April, and I was weak and thin then, with lots of problems from eating anything that went slightly out of safe food. We didn’t go on a honeymoon immediately, as required by law (or so it seems because everyone does it like that), but we waited until July. The trip was awesome, but I did have a very hard time. First because the tummy went bad the night before, and then because of all the yummy things I ate while the tummy was trying to heal. But the sun made my skin dark and itchy, I confirmed I was still able to swim under water from one end of the pool to the other, and we had a great time. Returning to the trip, I took the antibiotics my doctor had prescribed and by the day I saw him, I was already feeling well and very happy to feel healthy. It’s been about two months and up to the beginning of this week I have been healthy and happy. My wife and I have been going out almost every Friday. We get some food, she may order a beer and I order a margarita. This place serves weak margaritas, or maybe the ice in frozen margaritas dilutes the alcohol even more. Whatever it is, they are just right for a guy without a colon and in danger of dehydrating. I always ask the waiters to bring the margaritas to my wife, and we laugh at how great a liar I am. Last month or so, I recovered enough weight and decided it was time to see my oncologist. He sent me to get a tomography and a blood test for a cancer marker, and my gastroenterologist scheduled a follow up endoscopy. The results were great. There are no signs of cancer. I got an iron infusion and I’m getting a bit of antibiotics that should improve things even more. My next appointment is for the first week of January. For now I am celebrating, and I am aware that the bitter nightmare won’t be over until I stay healthy for five years.