Monthly Archives: November 2014

Almost done, first half

I saw my oncologist on Monday. I was expecting just one more day under those extra poisonous Xeloda pills. He said I had a full week to go “just like radiation”. I said that I had already had 125 pills and I had two weeks of radiation to go. Clearly the result was that my count was bad, he was right and he triumphantly said “you owe me a coke!” as we walked back from radiology to the examination room.
So up to this point I needed one week of poison and one of radiation. I was happy I’d be done much sooner than I expected!

I was running out of those expensive pills. My girlfriend had got a set for two days from a colleague. One of the awesome lot reasons to have a biologist girlfriend that works doing research in the national university here. She sent me a message she was to arrive at my home while I drive back from the hospital. I stopped to buy a 1300 USD box of pills. The bank rejected the transaction saying it was suspicious. Quite suspicious, I’d say! I went home. I called the bank and they removed the hold. My girlfriend arrived. She was very tired. I drove off with her, stopped for gas, stopped for pills and had a good meal. I ate like crazy. She ate most of hers and I finished what she left. Then I took her home. I always carry a pillow for her. She fell asleep and I drove carefully to avoid waking her up. Dropped her off and drove back. I was very tired and it was very late, but we had eaten well and she had had a good and comfortable ride back home.

My next radiation day, my radiologist showed up to see me and follow up, and she said that instead of 30 sessions, we’d have 28, as the dose was heavier. I was very happy! She said we’d be done on Monday, one day before I calculated! Then I counted fingers and realized that couldn’t be. I was to finish before Monday. It would be Saturday.

Last night I was feeling bad. My tummy felt just like when the guts are coming to a complete, painful and miserable stop. I had nothing for dinner. Some tea, just that. I went to bed early. All night my guts worked and I emptied my ileostomy bag three times. Some pain was there, but not like when I landed in the ER. Way far from that. Today I ate little, mostly liquids and the softest stuff. I feel it is improving. I will lose weight, but as long as I stay away from the ER, it’s a price I’m willing to pay.
Weekend is coming. I will get to spend time with my loving girlfriend and it will be a good reward after a difficult week.
Everybody stay healthy and feel good!