Monthly Archives: October 2014

A good first week!

Last Monday I was very nervous. I started radiation and chemo pills. I felt the side effects before starting, and that told me that I was going crazy, that I should judge well things and avoid thinking silly weird thoughts. Radiation hasn’t been bad, and they say it’s until the second week that it starts to feel. The pills have been mild so far. I suppose the effects add up and I will eventually feel something, but not now.
This morning I went for blood tests, and I am very happy. This is the first time in about seven years that I don’t fail hemoglobin! I scored a normal value! Iron and ferritin look good as well.
I took my radiation dose and I am glad that the weekend is here. No radiation or pills, just time with my girlfriend, a 5km jog, time on my own and some rest. I am not anemic anymore!!

I am happy!